NeoQuartet and Multimedia

NeoQuartet and Multimedia is the project thought for philharmonic halls and outdoor concerts organized for bigger audience. Its main feature –  the musical performance supported by visual effects, makes it very entertaining.

The project consists of three compositions: Steve Reich – Different Trains (including visual effects); Marek Czerniewicz – Transparent for String Quartet and Tape; and Agnieszka Stulginska – Impressions for String Quartet and Tape.

Transparent by Marek Czerniewicz was composed and dedicated to NeoQuartet.
As the composer describes his piece: “ There are two opposing elements – first: vast, never-ending space symbolized by static sound layers and second: pulsating, trance-like rhythmic figures. This background sets the picture for diverse stylistic structures that symbolize time on Earth that is  mercilessly counting  off human`s life, events and passing-by epoques.”

Impressions for String Quartet and Tape by Agnieszka Stulginska is : “the cycle of independent impressions that create musical documentary. During the composition, I (the composer) copy the sounds of street traffic, railroad station, subway, mail office, mall, and construction site and paste them into the philharmonic hall. This very form comes from my deep passion for observation of people within their reality. For me, this reality is an excellent screenwriter that can create its own sound  compositions.
I only wish to archive those sounds and translate them through my individual style.”


NeoQuartet plays the music of Aleksander Kosciow

This monographic project consists of five string quartets  by Polish composer Aleksander Kosciow. It is worthy of mentioning that the last quartet is written and dedicated to NeoQuartet. In future plans, this entire set of quartets is to be recorded on the next NeoQuartet´s album.


Minimal Music

During the concert titled “Minimal Music” NeoQuartet plays: Philip Glass – Quartet No.4, Marek Czerniewicz – Transparent for String Quartet and Tape, and Steve Reich – Different Trains for String Quartet and Tape plus visual effects. This project works well in galleries, museums, contemporary art centers, and during trade fair as an entertaining or accompanying event.


The newest music from Poland

This project could be described as a short review of Polish newest contemporary classical music represented by compostions of: Aleksander Kosciow, Marek Czerniewicz, Agnieszka Stulginska, Slawomir Wojciechowski and Aleksander Lason.


NeoQuartet plays the music from their Debiut Album

In 2011, NeoQuartet recorded their first CD album released by DUX.

This project is a quartet`s personal choice of string quartet compositions from the late 20th century and beginning of 21st century. In a nutshell,  renowned contemporary composers like Guus Janssen, Toshio Hosokawa, and Aleksander Lason meet young Polish composers (Agnieszka Stulginska and Marek Czerniewicz) for a colorful array of sounds.