NEOQUARTET is the Polish string quartet focused on performing contemporary classical music. Members of NeoQuartet

Karolina Piatkowska-Nowicka – 1st Violin

Pawel Kapica – 2nd Violin

Michal Markiewicz – Viola

Krzysztof Pawlowski – Cello

are great enthusiasts of modern art, therefore, they very often combine contemporary classical music with visual arts, modern dance, and electronics.

NeoQuartet`s aim is to collaborate with contemporary composers and

to make their music familiar to the wider audience.

In NeoQuartet`s repertoire there are the compositions by Reich, Crumb, Schnittke         and Penderecki (to name a few). Moreover, the pieces by Stulgińska, Czerniewicz and Kościów (young Polish composers) were premiered by this ensemble.

In 2009, NeoQuartet participated in the Gaudeamus International Competition in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Achieving the Semi-Final Stage, NeoQuartet became one of the ten best contemporary music ensembles of that edition.

ów (young Polish composers) were premiered by this ensemble.

In 2008, the quartet made a recording of the Quartet by Stulgińska.

This recording, released by DUX, was nominated to the Fryderyk Award in the Contemporary Music Cathegory.

In 2010, NeoQuartet recorded their debut album released by DUX.

This CD represents a diversity of contemporary classical music: eclectic String Quartet by Lasoń, sonoristic Floral Fairy by Hosokawa and minimal-music Streepjes by Janssen. Two other compositions on this CD written by Stulgińska and Czerniewicz were dedicated to NeoQuartet.

 In 2012, NeoQuartet was nominated to the Sztorm Roku Award, the Pomeran Artistic Award, and the Fryderyk Award (Polish Grammy Award) for the debut recording

In 2014, NeoQuartet recorded three CD albums with music of: Dosia McKay (USA – Gavia Music), Aleksander Kościów (Poland – DUX Records) and Joanna Bruzdowicz (Poland – Acte Prealable).


NeoQuartet is the organizer of the NeoArte Festival named the New Music Spectrum.

The main idea of this annual event is to popularize the contemporary classical music among wide range of audience.

For this festival, renowned composers, artists and young talented musicians meet together to provide a new musical perspective of our times.

The first edition of the New Music Spectrum took place in October 2012 in Sopot, Poland, featuring great Polish composer Pawel Szymanski as the guest of honor.

In 2013 Elzbieta Sikora and in 2014 Cezary Duchnowski were festival’s composers-guests of honor.

As far as the artists are concerned, during the New Music Spectrum there already played:

Motion Trio, Kwartludium, Szabolcs Esztenyi, Ensemble Nostri Temporis,

Kuba Kapsa Ensemble, and Agata Zubel.

Since 2013 festival’s formula has been gradually expanded incorporating workshops for composers, workshops for contemporary improvisation and workshops for children.

NeoArte – association established by NeoQuartet regularly commissions works  by Polish and foreign composers.

The list of composers who dedicated their compositions to NeoQuartet already includes: Slawomir Kupczak, Jakub Polaczyk, Bohdan Sehin, Aleksander Kosciow, Oleksij Shmurak, Jerzy Kornowicz, Agnieszka Stulginska, Marek Czerniewicz, Dariusz Przybylski, Xiaogang Ye, and Gabriel Paiuk.